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Your bottom line is our top priority.

Chosen by nearly all of the largest U.S. banks, IntraFi gives your bank the confidence that comes with category leadership. Whether your bank wants to attract more large-dollar deposits, improve its Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR), acquire funding more efficiently, or sell deposits for fee income, we can help it grow its bottom line. We bring a full-service and collaborative approach to the relationship.

Hear From Others


Solutions to help your institution increase franchise value, enabling you to grow more profitably and manage liquidity more easily.

Diversify Funding

Enjoy tailored funding structures that enable your financial institution to purchase cost-effective wholesale funding — deposits, not borrowings — without the hassle of credit lines, collateralization, or stock purchases.

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Acquire LCR-Friendly Deposits

Acquire large-dollar, LCR-friendly retail deposits and lower opportunity costs associated with HQLA securities. Deposits placed through deposit solutions from IntraFi® are typically large and “sticky” and provide a strong foundation from which to nurture valuable customer relationships and to cross-sell services.

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Reduce Collateralization, Improving Liquidity and Returns

Reduce tracking burdens and opportunity costs associated with collateralization, increasing your financial institution’s profitability and liquidity of deposits from safety-conscious customers.

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Manage Liquidity and Generate Fee Income

Sell excess funds so that your financial institution can grow its client base without disadvantaging its balance sheet—and earn fee income in the process.

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Service is our principal interest.

Through our full-service approach and easy-to-use solutions, we serve institutions better so they are able to serve their customers better.

We’re trusted by the nation’s top institutions.

Chosen by nearly all of the largest U.S. banks, IntraFi gives you the confidence that comes with category leadership, including higher capacity and greater stability and reliability.

We invented reciprocal deposits.

We pioneered a way for banks to utilize the power of a network to grow franchise value. Today, we’re the #1 provider of reciprocal deposit services.

We have the biggest network and the broadest coverage.

The diversification and size of our network increases stability and lowers the cost of funding, increasing returns.


A robust suite of solutions to meet the needs of stewards of cash.

Through IntraFi’s offerings, your institution can gain access to a wide variety of balance sheet management solutions.


  Funding Solutions from IntraFi Deposit Solutions from IntraFi
Diversify Funding  
Attract LCR-Friendly Deposits  
Reduce Collateralization
Manage Liquidity
Generate Fee Income  

We’re endorsed by the ABA.


We’re an ICBA Preferred Service Provider.


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