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Growth through Innovation

Our spirit of invention and innovative solutions help financial institutions of all sizes to grow and their customers and communities to thrive.

Our inclusive network seamlessly connects thousands of institutions

For more than 20 years, IntraFi® has offered tested, trusted deposit and liquidity management solutions.
Our greatest success is our network members’ and their customers’ satisfaction.

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Of the top 25 U.S. banks


U.S. financial institutions are IntraFi network participants


Of IntraFi network participants are community banks

Peace of mind for large cash balances

Participating institutions offer access to FDIC insurance for deposits greater than $250K by placing funds in demand deposit accounts, money market demand accounts, and certificate of deposit (CD) accounts at IntraFi network banks.

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A powerful solution for your clients’ cash needs

A cash sweep solution used by brokerage firms and other financial institutions, such as fintech partner banks, to sweep customer funds into FDIC-insured banks.

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Flexibility to
diversify deposits

Offers institutional clients with U.S. accounts the ability to sweep cash into demand deposit accounts at participating U.S. branches of non-U.S. banks.

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More Choices for Institutional Customers

Financial institutions can strengthen relationships with business and institutional customers while enjoying more control over cost of funds and liquidity.

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Connecting buyers and sellers of bank assets

Participating banks can access a variety of asset and loan opportunities through relationships with asset originators and software providers.


Flexible Liquidity Options

Attract and retain clients by offering a wider variety of cash protection options.

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