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Put Cash to Work Earning Returns

With IntraFi® RepoSM, IntraFi network members can offer their high-value institutional customers daily liquidity and the protection of government or government agency collateral, along with a competitive return.​

Why choose IntraFi Repo?

Institutional Investors

  • Protect large cash balances — funds, up to
    $2 billion per customer, are backed by U.S. Treasury collateral (or by Agency MBS)
  • Enjoy daily liquidity
  • Put cash to work earning returns

IntraFi Network Members

  • Strengthen relationships with business and institutional customers
  • Earn fee income; move funds off balance sheet
  • Avoid turning away valuable customers whose large cash balances may otherwise negatively impact your balance sheet

How IntraFi Repo Works

A relationship institution enters into a repurchase agreement as agent for its customers

The custodian, BNY Mellon, holds securities on the customer’s behalf and sends or receives funding by wire.

It’s an overnight transaction that rolls, so the customer enjoys daily liquidity.

For the relationship institution, this is an off-balance sheet transaction —funds and securities do not reside on its balance sheet and it retains the customer relationship.

IntraFi Repo can help banks, brokerage firms, and other financial institutions to build valuable relationships and manage liquidity. The service is provided by Assetpoint Financial, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of IntraFi LLC. To learn more contact us today →

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