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The size and scale of IntraFi’s network works to your advantage – it connects nearly 3,000 U.S. financial institutions. Each participating network bank has access to tens of billions of dollars in deposit funding, distributed through brokerage sweep and deposit account programs. Network banks’ funding appetite helps increase demand for your customers’ funds, enhancing your firm's profitability.

With IntraFi®, investment firms can...

Control Fee Revenue

Realize cost savings when your firm replaces more cumbersome and expensive services with IntraFi offerings and gain better control over pricing and margins. Our services connect nonbank financial firms with our large network of banks, ensuring the banks obtain the highly diversified funding they seek and eliciting a premium price.

Attract High-Value Clients

Provide safety and security for large cash balances. We go beyond the capabilities and capacities of traditional sweep providers, offering brokerage firms and financial advisors support for full cash-management programs to fulfill large orders.

Fund an Affiliated Bank

With IntraFi’s reciprocal option, investment professionals can conduct traditional sweep programs at unprecedented scale and channel lower-cost funding to an affiliated bank, potentially helping the bank lower its liquidity requirements.

Augment CD Offerings

The IntraFi network enables brokerage firms to provide a unique, streamlined approach to placing customer funds in CDs, enabling high-dollar orders with a single click.

We’re the #1 insured deposit sweep provider

IntraFi’s value-added structuring experience helps financial institutions design sweep programs with superior economics and resilience in all market environments. Our scale enables us to serve accounts of all sizes, while our people ensure all clients are treated with meticulous care. IntraFi SweepSM enables firms to keep client cash balances safe while generating fee income in a highly regulated manner. It offers the largest funding and insured deposit capacities, the greatest reliability, as well as diversification opportunities that deliver value at scale.

Expanded cash management options can capture more business

Grow assets under management by offering ICS®, the IntraFi Cash Service®, and CDARS®. With ICS and CDARS, your clients work directly with just your firm to access tens of millions in aggregate FDIC insurance through IntraFi network banks for funds placed into demand deposit accounts, money market deposit accounts, and CDs.1 There are no floating net asset values, liquidity fees, or MMMF redemption gates.

Your firm can also use IntraFi Yankee Sweep® and IntraFi RepoSM as alternative cash investment options for sophisticated institutional clients.2

1 A list identifying IntraFi network banks can be found at IntraFi is not an FDIC-insured bank, and deposit insurance covers the failure of an insured bank. Certain conditions must be satisfied for “pass-through” FDIC deposit insurance coverage to apply.
2 Deposits placed using the Yankee Sweep service are not FDIC insured and may lose value.

The IntraFi Difference

Trusted by thousands of banks nationwide, our comprehensive risk mitigation and controls are continually tested and recognized as best in class. IntraFi never has possession of client funds. It does not compete with brokerage firms or trust and wealth managers for customer relationships.

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