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Chosen by over 3,000 financial services organizations, our deposit network offers deposit placement and wholesale funding services nationwide

Advancing the industry for over 20 years

We enable financial services companies of all sizes to keep their customers’ money secure, manage cash balances, and increase profitability in ways that would be too difficult or costly for each to achieve on its own.

Protect Large Deposits

IntraFi offers simple, convenient solutions to safeguard large cash balances. Tested and trusted, IntraFi’s services are used by financial institutions to provide tens of thousands of depositors with access to enhanced protection for large deposits at IntraFi network banks.

Available Nationwide

We believe that security and opportunities for success should be as accessible as possible. Financial institutions nationwide use IntraFi’s services to help depositors secure and grow their funds.

Diversify Cash Placements

IntraFi’s suite of services provides a variety of liquidity options and the largest per-depositor capacity. Depositors can work with just one financial institution of their choosing to diversify their funds across numerous financial institutions.

Build Large-Dollar

Offer safety-conscious customers access to hundreds of millions in aggregate FDIC insurance across network banks for DDA, MMDA, brokerage accounts, and time deposits.

Manage Liquidity

Move funds on and off balance sheet for resilience and flexibility, earning noninterest fee income when selling deposits.

Discover Asset Opportunities

Gain access to bank asset sales and purchase opportunities, including loan purchases and private equity capital call facilities.

A list identifying IntraFi network banks may be found here. IntraFi is not an FDIC-insured bank, and deposit insurance covers the failure of an insured bank. Certain conditions must be satisfied for “pass-through” FDIC deposit insurance coverage to apply.

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CDBA and NBA Launch New Program to Boost Deposits at Banks Targeting Underserved Communities

We’re a unifying force in today’s financial industry, enabling depositors and institutions to become more than the sum of their parts.

Of the nation’s top 100 banks use IntraFi


Of banks in the U.S. are IntraFi network participants


Of CDFI banks are members in IntraFi’s network

Success Rooted in Relationships, Not Transactions

We pioneered reciprocal deposits and lead the industry in FDIC-insured deposit placement services. Our suite of services CDARS®, ICS®, IntraFi SweepSM, IntraFi Yankee Sweep®, IntraFi Assetpoint®, and IntraFi RepoSM reflects the confidence that comes with category leadership.

History of Safety & Security

Our customer-centric approach and stringent security measures have enabled us to serve our customers through good times and times of stress in the financial system. With a 20+ year history of solid performance, we are known for our reliability and security.

Built on Scalability and Size

Our network spans the financial services spectrum from the largest global banks to the smallest community banks, as well as brokerage firms and fintechs. The flexibility and capacity of our network provides a one-stop solution, lowers costs, and increases returns to our clients versus what they would achieve on their own or from other solutions.

Discover the power of the IntraFi Network

Find out how we help banks and other financial services organizations.

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Our reciprocal solutions help keep locally sourced deposits in local institutions, which in turn helps drive economic growth in communities throughout the U.S., including some of the most underserved locales.

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IntraFi Insights

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