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Protect and Grow Your Funds

For more than 20 years, IntraFi® has enhanced the financial wellness of tens of millions of depositors and investors by helping them feel confident about their cash positions, providing peace of mind and freedom to pursue their goals. Our services are available at thousands of financial institutions nationwide.

Safety, Liquidity, and Returns

IntraFi’s tested, trusted services each offer value-added benefits. Whether you prioritize protection for large cash balances, smart returns, a variety of liquidity choices, a reduction of collateralization burdens, or a combination of these benefits, IntraFi services can help.

Explore our full-service approach and easy-to-use solutions


Easily access millions in aggregate FDIC insurance across network banks for cash deposits while enjoying the simplicity of working with a single trusted, local institution.1

See bank list; IntraFi is not a bank; FDIC covers banks; pass-through conditions apply.

IntraFi SweepSM

This cash management tool enables funds to be automatically “swept” into FDIC-insured deposits at participating banks.

IntraFi Yankee Sweep®

A deposit-sweep service offered to U.S. banks and brokerage firms for sophisticated customers comfortable with placing deposits in uninsured U.S. domiciled branches of foreign banks.2

IntraFi RepoSM

A third-party, off-balance sheet solution with BNY Mellon acting as custodian, handling collateral management and settlement.

1 A list identifying IntraFi network banks can be found at IntraFi is not an FDIC-insured bank, and deposit insurance covers the failure of an insured bank. Certain conditions must be satisfied for “pass-through” FDIC deposit insurance coverage to apply.

2 Deposits placed using the Yankee Sweep service are not FDIC insured and may lose value.

Our Advantage

Our network leverages the institutional strength of Wall Street and the community presence of Main Street to bring the largest per-depositor FDIC insurance eligibility at network banks available through a single financial relationship.

IntraFi is the #1 provider of deposit placement solutions and has offered tested, trusted services for more than 20 years.

IntraFi’s ICS, CDARS, and IntraFi Sweep services are endorsed by the American Bankers Association, which makes due diligence reports available.

The company is a preferred service provider of the Independent Community Bankers Association.

Socially Responsible Investing

Feel good knowing that it is possible for the full amount of your funds placed through select IntraFi services to stay local to help build a stronger community. If you work with a local bank, that bank can use the full amount of deposited funds to support local lending opportunities. If socially responsible investing is a focus, you can work with a values-based institution that measures success not only by economic gains, but also by contributions (financial and otherwise) made to underserved communities.

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CDARS is a relationship-driven service that opens up the door where you’ve never gone before. Period.

Francis Hornung
Former Vice President and Sales Manager, Five
Star Bank, NY

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