Intrafi Sweep

The Leading Deposit Sweep Service

Using IntraFi SweepSM, brokerage firms, fintechs, and wealth management advisors can provide clients with a superior investment alternative—access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance via a multibank deposit sweep product.

Used by tens of millions of customers, the service helps financial institutions to attract and place hundreds of billions of dollars with banks. IntraFi Sweep leverages patented technology and is known as a “buttoned-up,” full-service offering.

Essential cash management from the largest provider of insured deposit sweeps

Brokerage Firms & Wealth Management Advisors

Grow profitability with scalability and control margins earned from the service. Tier rates offered to various client segments. Brokerage firms and advisors can also use IntraFi Sweep to fund an affiliated bank, if applicable.


Use IntraFi Sweep to grow without being limited by partner institution size. With IntraFi Sweep, fintechs can offer customers safety and daily liquidity.

Safety-Conscious Investors

Enjoy daily liquidity and the peace of mind of working with the financial firm you know and trust to protect your cash deposits at FDIC-insured IntraFi® network banks.


Banks can acquire large blocks of funding that is reported as deposits, not borrowings. No collateralization required.

How Financial Institutions Use IntraFi Sweep

Customized approach, streamlined implementation, and ongoing support

The IntraFi team works closely with your firm to create a customized multibank program, sized to meet your firm’s needs with the ability to expand over time. Implementation is streamlined and efficient. Your firm has ongoing access to a dedicated IntraFi support team — a team known for its technological expertise and high-touch customer service.

Provider of Insured Deposit Sweeps

IntraFi offers the largest insured deposit capacities, with the greatest reliability, and provides tested, trusted services centered on technology.

IntraFi Insights

IntraFi Insights

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