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Expand Funding Options

IntraFi’s wholesale funding options offer your bank the opportunity to purchase wholesale funding at fixed or floating rates, from overnight to over five+ years, with no collateralization or credit lines required.

Higher capacity, greater stability
Funding that counts as deposits, not borrowings

Bank participants in IntraFi’s network can buy deposits from other network participants. Our network is the largest of its kind, which brings scale and provides access to tens of billions of dollars in funding. IntraFi’s wholesale funding sources are diverse and count as deposits on call reports.

Flexible Wholesale Funding

One-stop for all of your bank’s funding needs

Address your institution’s unique needs with overnight, custom, or standard funding terms. Fixed- and floating-rate, short- and long-term funding is available. Banks can utilize single or multiple offerings and switch between them, as desired. And remember, IntraFi’s wholesale funding offerings are in addition to its relationship-deposit-gathering options — your bank can treat IntraFi® as a strategic resource and you can reach out to discuss all of your bank’s balance sheet management needs.

What Bank Leaders Say

We love that [IntraFi] gives us options. We can either attract deposits through and sell the excess to other banks through or purchase funding. This is especially helpful in today’s regulatory environment.

Gray Flora
EVP/Investment Officer
BankFirst, MS

It’s really important for us to have a stable, reliable, accessible, and nimble source of funding at a reasonable price, and that’s something that [IntraFi] provides for us.

Charles Levingston
Executive Vice President, CFO
Eagle Bank

For many years, bankers have known IntraFi for their ability to provide [access to millions in FDIC insurance at network banks]. But it's important to emphasize what a great source they are for wholesale funding. And that's so important for the banking industry today to fuel our growth.

Peter Gwaltney
President & CEO
North Carolina Bankers Association

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IntraFi Insights

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