intrafi Yankee Sweep

Choose the network that expands cash management options

IntraFi® Yankee Sweep® is a deposit-sweep product offered to U.S. banks with sophisticated customers as an alternative vehicle for managing cash. Through the service, customer funds are placed with uninsured U.S.-domiciled branches of foreign banks, including some of the world’s largest.

Why choose IntraFi Yankee Sweep?

Institutional Investors

  • Deposits are placed with U.S.-chartered branches of foreign banks that are subject to Federal Reserve oversight regulation and have international credit ratings; a designated bank or brokerage firm acts as each investor’s custodian.
  • Enjoy liquidity - funds may be withdrawn at your convenience
  • Greater yield potential and geographic diversification

IntraFi Network Members

  • Build valuable relationships with sophisticated customers by offering an alternative cash management vehicle with potential for higher yield
  • Set the interest rate for your customer
  • Foreign banks seeking U.S. dollar deposits can access large, cost-effective amounts of cash — from $100 million to billions of dollars — without the need to provide collateral

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