Manage Liquidity

IntraFi® has the scale to be a strategic resource to help fulfill the funding and balance sheet management goals of financial institutions of all sizes through a suite of flexible solutions.

Solutions for any balance sheet position or market condition

Financial institutions use IntraFi services to dynamically manage their balance sheets and help customers fund their business activities

Grow Reciprocal Deposits

Reciprocal deposits can help a bank increase franchise value. These deposits are a reliable funding option that tend to be lower-cost and to be “sticky.”

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Sell Excess Funding

IntraFi’s ICS®, or IntraFi Cash Service®, and CDARS® — make it easy for banks to move funds off balance sheet, efficiently managing their liquidity position.

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Purchase Wholesale Funding

Banks of all sizes leverage IntraFi’s network to acquire and diversify access to funding, which may come from transaction or savings accounts, time deposits, or brokerage accounts.

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Expand Cash Investment Options

Sweep large and small cash balances to IntraFi network banks that desire funding. Brokerage firms with affiliate banks can also send lower-cost funding to their affiliates.

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Securely Place Client Assets

Services from IntraFi make it easy to increase market share by encouraging existing safety-conscious customers to consolidate their investments. Investment firms can offer clients access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance at participating network banks.

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Enjoy a Variety of Options to Match Your Liquidity Needs

Choose a service, or combination of services, to balance your organization’s needs for liquidity, returns, and convenience.

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Rest Assured and Save Time

Access millions in FDIC insurance at participating network banks. Work directly with just one financial institution of your choosing to help achieve your cash strategy goals, including keeping your operational cash secure and liquid.

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Solutions for any balance sheet position or market condition

Hundreds of billions in outstanding deposits

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