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Protect and grow your company's customer base by offering access to multi-millions in aggregate FDIC insurance across participating IntraFi network institutions. With services from IntraFi®, your fintech can accommodate much larger deposit amounts by diversifying deposits across multiple banks, helping to mitigate volatility and growth concerns.

Solutions for Fintechs and BaaS Providers


Offer customers access to multi-millions in aggregate FDIC insurance across IntraFi network banks. Customers enjoy daily liquidity on funds placed. IntraFi is the nation’s largest provider of deposit allocation services.


Using IntraFi services provides more balance sheet options for your partner institution — they can grow relationships but sell deposits, which allows for greater capacity for your programs.

Simple to Set Up

Existing integrations with major BaaS providers can make getting started quicker and easier.

1 A list identifying IntraFi network banks can be found at IntraFi is not an FDIC-insured bank, and deposit insurance covers the failure of an insured bank. Certain conditions must be satisfied for “pass-through” FDIC deposit insurance coverage to apply.

Multiple Options for a Tailored Result

Fintechs can offer IntraFi services through a participating institution.

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With ICS, large deposits can be divided into amounts below the FDIC insurance maximum and placed at participating U.S. banks, giving customers access to FDIC coverage, helping ensure they are secure.

IntraFi SweepSM

IntraFi Sweep is a service that enables funds custodians to “sweep” idle cash in brokerage and similar accounts into deposit accounts at FDIC-insured banks.

IntraFi Insights

IntraFi Insights

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