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Diversify funding by adding a trusted provider.

One of the largest providers of funding solutions, we make hundreds of billions available in total. With IntraFi Funding, community banks can purchase cost-effective, wholesale funding—deposits, not borrowings—without the hassle of credit lines, collateralization, or stock purchases. And, banks can utilize single or multiple options and switch between them as desired.

The advantages are clear.

  • Compared to FHLB advances, funding solutions from IntraFi count as deposits, not borrowings, and requires no collateralization or stock purchases.
  • Unlike brokered CDs, the IntraFi's process is simple and quick. Bid for funds, and settle the next business day. The price equals the all-in cost. And the scale of our bank network tends to result in better market depth and breadth for terms less than five years.
  • Correspondent banks and IntraFi's funding solutions both offer overnight funding, yet ours count as deposits. There is no requirement of collateralization or the establishment of a credit line. IntraFi Funding is not subject to the fees or counterparty risk associated with lines of credit.
  • In contrast to subordinated debt, IntraFi's funding solutions are offered at much lower cost — pricing is not subject to bank ratings, and there are no advisor fees, and faster settlement.
  • Compared to Fed Funds Purchased (overnight, unsecured borrowing), funding solutions from IntraFi counts as deposits, incurs no counterparty risk, and settles late day.


The bottom line.

Whether you need core or brokered deposits, retail or wholesale funding, fixed- or floating-rate pricing, overnight or term options, or millions or billions of dollars—we can help without credit lines, ongoing collateralization, or stock purchase requirements.


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What bank leaders say.

We love that [IntraFi] gives us options. We can either attract deposits through and sell the excess to other banks through or purchase funding. This is especially helpful in today’s regulatory environment.

Gray Flora

EVP/Investment Officer, BankFirst, MS

It’s really important for us to have a stable, reliable, accessible, and nimble source of funding at a reasonable price, and that’s something that [IntraFi] provides for us.

Charles Levingston

Executive Vice President, CFO, Eagle Bank

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We’re an ICBA Preferred Service Provider.


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