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Increasing Flexibility by Moving Funds Off Balance Sheet at Menard Bank

Audience: Banks

Menard Bank used IntraFi's solutions to move the depositor's funds off-balance sheet by selling them to other banks in IntraFi's network of financial institutions. As a result, Menard was able to lower its total assets from around $93 million to $63 million.

Supporting Rapid Loan Growth at Texas Security Bank

Audience: Banks

Texas Security Bank was quickly drawn to IntraFi’s funding solutions for a number of reasons. The bank was now able to obtain large amounts of funding at favorable rates while working with a company that ran business so seamlessly.

Fund a Volatile Pipeline

Audience: Banks

A $200 million bank is involved in real estate warehouse lending that causes them to have daily balance sheet fluctuations of $15-$20 million.

Expand Funding Options for a Unique Line of Business

Audience: Banks

A $6 billion bank needed $500 million to help fund tax-refund anticipation loans in Q1, and the bank needed lump-sum amounts quickly at certain points during the month.

Use an Interest-Rate Swap to Achieve Fixed-Rate Funding

Audience: Banks

A $250 million bank needed more long-term, fixed rate liability exposure. The bank's deposit base was heavily weighted toward short-term, retail time deposits, and the bank needed protection in a rising-rate environment. The bank was lookin for $5 million in 3-year funding.

Ladder Wholesale Funding While Lowering the Cost of Funds

Audience: Banks

A $1 billion bank needed a stable source of funds to supplement loan growth and looked to ladder out maturities to avoid large withdrawals in a single month.

The Customer Experience – Accounting Manager, Prep School

Audience: Depositors

The accounting manager for a small prep school explains that a few years ago the school changed its head of school and the new one pursuaded the board to divest the school of all equities.

The Customer Experience – Finance Manager, Large Trucking Company

Audience: Depositors

The finance manager for a trucking company with more than $200 million in cash on deposit relates that the company made investments in 2008 that suddenly became illiquid.

The Customer Experience – President, Wine and Spirit Importer

Audience: Depositors

A business with 200 customers and 175 wineries sells to stores like Costo and Kroger, as well as independent wine shops. The owner of this 4th generation family business explains that the tradition has been to keep cash in the business over long periods of time and that he is averse to...

The Customer Experience – VP Finance, Religious–Based Fund

Audience: Depositors

A religious based organization provides financial management products for member churches within the state.

The Customer Experience – COO/CFO Investment Advisory (Trust Accounts)

Audience: Financial Advisors
Audience: Depositors

An investment advisory began working with clients that had qualified settlement funds (QSFs) that would not be released for between 1 and 3 years. The advisory has a responsibility to invest the settlement funds securely and set up an account in the client's name.

Reap the Benefits of ICS Integration

Audience: Banks

Converting to ICS is easier than ever now that integration is available from a wide range of providers of information management and e-commerce systems for the financial services industry.

Make a Bigger Difference While Protecting Your Money and Watching It Grow

Audience: Depositors
Benefit: Socially Responsible Investing

Your organization probably doesn't think of investing in CDs as a way to improve the lives of others. Yet, when it deposits funds with a bank that carries a Community Development Financial Institutions designation and uses CDARS , that's exactly what your organization can do.

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