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A Digital Agency Safeguards Their Funds, Increases Efficiency, and Saves Time

Audience: Depositors

As banking sector turmoil triggered alarms of a looming payroll crisis across traditional and social media in March 2023, companies like Denver-based BlueModus scrambled to safeguard their cash.

How One CDFI Uses ICS and CDARS to Attract Large, Socially Responsible Deposits

Audience: Banks

By working with IntraFi®, City First Bank is able to attract more mission-critical funding for community development projects.

Enhancing Balance Sheet Flexibility at The Bank of Elk River

Audience: Banks

IntraFi’s all-weather services enable the bank to adapt to different market environments.

Increasing Flexibility by Moving Funds Off Balance Sheet at Menard Bank

Audience: Banks

Menard Bank used IntraFi's solutions to move the depositor's funds off-balance sheet by selling them to other banks in IntraFi's network of financial institutions. As a result, Menard was able to lower its total assets from around $93 million to $63 million.

Supporting Rapid Loan Growth at Texas Security Bank

Audience: Banks

Texas Security Bank was quickly drawn to IntraFi’s funding solutions for a number of reasons. The bank was now able to obtain large amounts of funding at favorable rates while working with a company that ran business so seamlessly.

Make a Bigger Difference While Protecting Your Money and Watching It Grow

Audience: Depositors
Benefit: Socially Responsible Investing

Your organization probably doesn't think of investing in CDs as a way to improve the lives of others. Yet, when it deposits funds with a bank that carries a Community Development Financial Institutions designation and uses CDARS , that's exactly what your organization can do.

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