Promontory Interfinancial Network is now IntraFi Network. New name, same great company.

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Both live and on demand, our webinars will keep you well informed. Topics have included funding solutions for any market environment to discovering new opportunities for your bank.

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Our live webinars.

Driving Success with ICS & CDARS (now called IntraFi Network Deposits)

So your bank is ready to go to market with IntraFi Network Deposits (formerly ICS, the Insured Cash Sweep service, and CDARS). Now what?

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Opportunities for Your Bank and Safety for Your Customers

Volatility is not the end of opportunity. Perhaps surprisingly, these unprecedented times offer a unique opportunity for your bank to bolster customer confidence and strengthen relationships while at the same time enhancing its brand and growing franchise value.

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How to Manage CDARS & ICS Operations (now called IntraFi Network Deposits)

In this session, participants are guided through an operational summary of CDARS and ICS, or the Insured Cash Sweep service. Topics covered include how CDARS and ICS work, the customer experience, an overview of the Transaction & Reporting Portal and its entitlements, and time-saving features.

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Our on-demand webinars.

Exclusive Webinar with S&P Global’s Banking Gurus

Jimmy Pittenger, senior director of U.S. financial institutions, and Nathan Stovall, senior research analyst, for S&P Global Market Intelligence discussed how the business of banking is changing and what to expect as the year unfolds.

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Funding Solutions for Any Market Environment

While many banks are liquid today, past experience shows that the situation can change quickly and dramatically. Just a few short months ago, funding was more costly and less abundant.

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Open Banking Demystified

Open banking, being embraced around the globe, is designed to give customers control over their financial data, to increase competition, and to spur financial innovation.

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