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Our company history.

At the turn of the century, several former bank regulators recognized the need for a technology solution that would enable banks across the country to connect, working together to offer services that were otherwise too difficult or too costly for each to offer individually — a network that would benefit all.

By asking the simple (yet powerful) question — What can we do to help community banks be more competitive? — the founders of IntraFi created the spark that started this journey.

Since its founding, IntraFi’s services have helped banks to attract billions of dollars in deposits from thousands of businesses, nonprofits, government entities, and individuals. Billions of dollars have been channeled back into communities through local lending initiatives. Local lending initiatives have financed businesses, infrastructure improvements, municipal services, education, and other important activities. Such activities have created jobs and fueled economic growth across communities throughout the nation.

Prior to 2003, many large-dollar depositors, such as public entities, institutional investors, and nonprofits, were reluctant to deposit their cash at small banks because those deposits were only eligible for $100,000 of FDIC coverage; they feared losing money if their bank failed. In effect, small banks were often penalized for their size on the mistaken belief that small automatically meant risky.

This all changed with the launch of the first “reciprocal deposit” placement service — CDARS® — in 2003 with just 50 banks. Later, another such service called ICS®, launched in 2010. These two services, along with Insured Network Deposits® (launched in 2006) and Insured Overnight Funding® (launched in 2019), have changed the way financial institutions manage their balance sheets and access funding of all types and durations.

Today, IntraFi  is home to the largest banking network of its kind and is a trusted partner —one chosen by more than 3,000 financial institutions over the years. Membership has grown significantly — the network now encompasses 50% of all banks in the U.S. (96% of which are community banks), 71% of all Community Development Financial Institutions (institutions that serve the nation’s most underserved communities), and 57% of minority-owned banks.

Moving forward, IntraFi will continue to focus on innovation and bringing new ideas to help meet the evolving demands of the banking industry. The all-weather technology solutions we develop will continue to help banks of all kinds to meet their needs — no matter the environment.

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