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At IntraFi, our advantage is your advantage.

As a trusted partner chosen by more than 3,000 of the nation’s banks and other financial institutions, including most of the nation’s minority depository institutions, we define success not by the volume of transactions we enable, but by the quality of relationships we form. We help our clients offer better services; we never compete for their depositors. We have the nimbleness of a fintech startup with the scale and 20-year history of an established financial infrastructure provider.

Network Capacity.

We have built the largest bank network of its kind. Based on its diversification and size, our network provides one-stop shopping, lowers costs, and increases returns to our members versus what they would achieve on their own or from other solutions.

IntraFi has the scale to be a strategic partner for even the largest bank’s funding and capital management needs, or for the smallest.

Unparalleled and leading provider of reciprocal deposit solutions.

Chosen by more than 3,000 U.S. financial institutions, including the largest banks and most minority depository institutions in the U.S.

Network Benefits.

Innovative. We invented reciprocal deposits, and we hold 20 patents that support our numerous offerings.

Comprehensive. We provide a wide range of solutions that help the financial services sector keep customer cash safe and reduce the costs associated with holding onto that cash.

Partner-minded. We take a collaborative approach in helping clients of all sizes. Through our innovative solutions and exceptional people, we help members lower costs and achieve greater returns.

Proven. Our solutions are time-tested and embraced by thousands of financial institutions across the nation.

Knowledgeable. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and brings deep regulatory, banking industry, and technological expertise.


Network Strength.

The network connects institutions of all sizes to help participants build stronger relationships with their customers, fund more loans, seamlessly manage their liquidity needs, and earn fee income.

The network brings scale, giving each participant access to tens of billions of dollars in funding, the highest per-depositor and per-bank capacity, and the peace of mind of being able to make large-dollar placements every business day.


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