Sell Excess Funds

From shifting demands to evolving market conditions, we know your financial institution’s funding needs aren’t always predictable. With IntraFi's ICS® and CDARS® services, it's easy for institutions to move funds off balance sheet when needed, efficiently managing their liquidity position.

Say ‘yes’ to valuable relationships regardless of liquidity position

Attract large-dollar, safety-conscious customers — such as corporations, financial institutions, nonprofits, and high-net-worth individuals. Keep the relationship, while moving deposits off balance sheet and earning fee income.

Build new relationships and continue building franchise value even during periods of high liquidity

Offer customers an attractive interest rate, and move higher-priced deposits off balance sheet, earning fee income

Accept larger deposits without causing potential concentration risk

Improve profitability and enjoy flexibility

Fee income earned from selling deposits can improve return-on-assets and return-on-equity ratios, plus noninterest income can help maintain profit margins.

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