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We’re leveling the playing field.

We are the inventor and largest provider of reciprocal deposits. We’re a trusted ally to community banks because we’re committed to the industry and take a partnership approach. Our network is comprised of banks like yours – connected on a national scale, united by a localized purpose.

Hear From Others

Solutions designed to help your community bank grow profitability and increase franchise value.

Attract and Maintain Valuable Relationships

Offer safety-conscious customers of all types access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance, enhancing relationships and opening the door to more cross-selling opportunities; keep deposits on balance sheet or sell the deposits for fee income.

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Grow Reciprocal Deposits

Most reciprocal deposits receive non-brokered status, enabling banks to increase their use of reciprocal deposits to boost core deposit growth and local lending, as well as replace more expensive funding.

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Manage Liquidity and Generate Fee Income

Sell excess deposits to grow your customer base without disadvantaging your balance sheet, and earn fee income in the process.

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Diversify Funding

Enjoy tailored funding structures that enable your financial institution to purchase cost-effective wholesale funding — deposits, not borrowings — without the hassle of credit lines, collateralization, or stock purchases.

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Reduce Collateralization

Reduce collateralization of deposits, increasing your financial institution’s profitability and asset liquidity.

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Nearly two decades of providing all-weather balance sheet management solutions to help community banks grow relationships, optimize funding, and increase profitability.

The creators of the nation’s largest bank network of its kind, we help community banks optimize cash balances and increase profitability in ways that are too difficult or too costly for each to achieve on its own. And, unlike other providers, we do not compete with banks for depositors.

We were built for banks – and communities.

We were founded on the belief that a technology-forward network of banks could benefit institutions of all sizes.

We invented reciprocal deposits.

We pioneered a way for banks to utilize the power of a network to grow franchise value. Today, we’re the #1 provider of reciprocal deposit services.

We have the biggest network and the broadest coverage.

The diversification and size of our network increases stability and lowers the cost of funding, increasing returns.

Funding and deposit solutions tailored to your institution’s goals.

Through IntraFi’s offerings, your community bank can gain access to robust balance sheet management solutions. Note that Insured Overnight Funding®, ICS® One-Way Buy®, CDARS® One-Way Buy®, and IND® are now IntraFi FundingSM. ICS Reciprocal, ICS® One-Way Sell®, CDARS Reciprocal, and CDARS® One-Way Sell® are now IntraFi Network DepositsSM.

What bank leaders say.

Because we are a member of the [IntraFi] Network, we have an opportunity to generate fee income on deposits we are not using for lending when loan demand is slack.

Phil Guarnieri

CEO, Empire State Bank

There is a cyclical nature, obviously, about our industry that stems from varying economic conditions and really competitive trends that occur in our marketplace. So our goal is to create a tool box full of tools that we can utilize in any cycle to ensure balance sheet stability. That allows us to minimize the risk inherent in our balance sheet. If we are in a period of time where we are in a fight – a battle for deposits, we have a tool that we can utilize to allow us to be competitive at a level way beyond the size and scope of our balance sheet, yet still be protected. If we are flush with deposits, we have a tool for that as well.

Luanne Cundiff

President & CEO, First State Bank of St. Charles

With great success, we are selling IntraFi Network Deposits to our large-deposit clients as a retention vehicle, as well as using [IntraFi Network Deposits] to lower cost of funds and attract new deposit business.

John Calpey

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Old Florida National Bank, FL

We’re endorsed by the ABA.


We’re an ICBA Preferred Service Provider.



Use of IntraFi Network Deposits and IntraFi Funding is subject to the terms, conditions, and disclosures in the program agreements, including the IntraFi Participating Institution Agreement. Limits apply and customer eligibility criteria may apply. A list identifying IntraFi Network insured depository institutions at which funds may be placed through IntraFi Network Deposits may be found at As provided in the applicable Deposit Placement Agreement, the depositor may exclude particular insured depository institutions from eligibility to receive the depositor’s funds.