IntraFi’s Bank Executive Business Outlook Survey Overview

IntraFi® launched its inaugural Bank Executive Business Outlook Survey nine years ago, in Q1 2015, to reinforce its commitment to the banking industry. The survey was designed to gather and share information about bank decision-makers’ experiences over the past year and their expectations for how the industry landscape may change over the coming year. Participation, which is limited to bank CEOs, presidents, and CFOs, has grown substantially since its inception. The survey for the latest quarter included responses from executives representing more than 10% of U.S. banks (many multiples of what other industry polls typically gather).

- IntraFi’s Bank Executive Business Outlook Survey is the only survey to combine all the following factors:

- Represents the views of only bank CEOs, presidents, and CFOs

- Focuses exclusively on the U.S. market

- Regularly garners high levels of participation from hundreds of unique banks

- Includes opinions from hundreds of community banks

- Aggregates information and provides breakouts by asset size

- Regularly inquires about deposit competition, funding costs, loan demand, access to capital, and overall economic conditions and can demonstrate historical trends based on multiple years of data collection

- Includes topical questions–e.g., about the economy, perceived competitive threats, regulatory issues, or politics

- Includes the proprietary Bank Confidence IndexSM, conveying the aggregated outlook of senior bank executives for the coming year based on their responses to a standard set of key variables

- Is provided as a free service to the industry with information being made available to participants and others without charge

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