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The American Bankers Association (ABA) has endorsed ICS®, CDARS®, and IntraFi SweepSM.

The American Bankers Association is the voice of the nation’s $23.4 trillion banking industry, which is composed of small, regional and large banks that together employ more than 2.1 million people, safeguard $18.6 trillion in deposits and extend nearly $12.3 trillion in loans.

The Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT) endorses CDARS and has entered into a strategic marketing relationship with IntraFi for ICS. These IntraFi services help banks and thrifts secure large-dollar deposits and attract and retain their customer relationships.

IBAT is a trade association representing more than 2,000 Texas community banks and branches and was organized in 1974 "...to promote the interests of independent banking in areas vital to independent banks.” Today, IBAT continues to be a pioneer in providing products and services to its member banks.

The Michigan Bankers Association Service Corporation (MBASC), a subsidiary of the MBA, has endorsed CDARS, ICS, and IND.

The MBASC seeks ways to help MBA members retain business, offer first rate service, and increase revenue. As part of these activities, MBASC offers a wide variety of products and services for member banks in the areas of compliance, human resources, management, marketing, and financial literacy, among others.

The TBA Services Company, Inc., known as TBASCO, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Texas Bankers Association (TBA), and endorses CDARS, the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service, which helps banks and thrifts secure large-dollar deposits and attract and retain their customer relationships.

Since 1885, the TBA has been working to create a dynamic and profitable environment for Texas banks. A TBASCO endorsement means the completion of a lengthy investigative process by an eight-member board of directors, comprised of seven Texas bankers and the TBA President. TBASCO’s reputation for integrity and thorough due diligence means bankers can trust and value the products and services that receive its endorsement.

CDARS, the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service, is endorsed by VBA Management Services, Inc., a subsidiary of the Virginia Bankers Association. The Virginia Bankers Association serves its members by raising awareness of products and services, which provide new income opportunities, offer cost savings, train bank employees, or help banks stay in compliance.

The Virginia Bankers Association has served as the organized voice for the Commonwealth’s banking industry since 1893. The Association is dedicated to resolving differences, unifying efforts, and accomplishing member objectives.

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