A $250 million bank needed more long-term, fixed-rate liability exposure. The bank’s deposit base was heavily weighted toward short-term, retail time deposits, and the bank needed protection in a rising-rate environment. The bank was looking for $5 million in 3-year funding.

Potential Solutions

  • An FHLB bullet advance for three years
  • A callable or noncallable 3-yr brokered CD
  • Deposit listing services
  • ICS®
  • Balance sheet swap
  • Matched against the right liability, the bank could perfect hedge accounting to create a fixed-rate equivalent

Benefits to Bank

  • Provides a cheaper option than FHLB advance
  • Is available without collateralization or stock purchase requirements
  • Is treated as a deposit on the bank’s Call Report
  • Leverages pre-existing relationship with Promontory Interfinancial Network

Bank’s Chosen Path

The bank decided to execute a 3-year swap against 3-year floating-rate funding tied to 1-month LIBOR through ICS.