A $6 billion bank needed $500 million to help fund tax-refund anticipation loans in Q1, and the bank needed lump-sum amounts quickly at certain points during the month.

Potential Solutions

FHLB overnight advances

Deposit listing services

IntraFi FundingSM (formerly ICS®)

Benefits to Bank

Can customize a plan to receive funding blocks on a determined or more flexible schedule

Can purchase funding that counts as deposits, not borrowings (enhances loan-to-deposit ratio)

Is available without collateralization or stock purchase requirements

Is quicker and more cost efficient compared to deposit listing services

Bank’s Chosen Path

Chose IntraFi FundingSM (formerly ICS®)? for a customized funding plan that the bank used to create a ramp-up schedule and a ramp-down schedule to meet its short-term funding needs

Used brokered CDs to supplement its funding needs