Promontory Interfinancial Network is now IntraFi Network. New name, same great company.

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Recognition by the industry. Validation by clients.

At IntraFi NetworkSM, we pay meticulous attention to details and work hard every day to build trust. We believe that our company’s success is rooted in relationships, not transactions. Unlike many other providers, we never compete with banks for their customers. But don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers, industry trade organizations, and other peers have to say about their experiences.

Banking leaders are unanimously satisfied.

100% Satisfaction

IntraFi Network hired an independent, third-party research firm to survey bankers about their experiences with the company and its solutions. Respondents from 178 unique banks participated in the survey, closely representing the U.S. market’s distribution of banks by asset size. Among the many positive findings, all survey respondents were satisfied with their experiences with IntraFi Network’s DDA, MMDA, and CD offerings. Ninety-nine percent reported above-average satisfaction with our DDA and MMDA offerings, and 100% reported above-average satisfaction with our CD offering. In addition, 80% identified these offerings as key to their institution’s growth.

Brokerage firms see us as the industry leader.

In additional research, IntraFi Network engaged an independent research firm to survey a number of its bank and brokerage firm customers regarding their experience with the IntraFiSM Network DepositsSM sweep. Nearly all customers reported that they perceive IntraFi Network as the largest and most advanced FDIC deposit sweep provider — with the largest and most desirable brokerage firms in its network. What’s more, brokerage firms in the network recognized IntraFiSM as the industry leader “because of the size of its bank network and, most importantly, because of the quality of [the] company’s leadership and the high level of service customers receive from them.”

We’re endorsed by the ABA.

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We’re an ICBA Preferred Service Provider.

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Many IntraFi Network solutions carry the American Bankers Association's exclusive endorsement. The ABA provides due diligence reports for IntraFi Network’s DDA, MMDA, CD, and deposit sweep offerings.


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Testimonials prove the point.

Hear executives talk about their experiences with us in this short video (1:57).

Jim DiMisa, former EVP & COO of Community Bank of the Chesapeake

Learn about product diversification and the white glove treatment his bank receives. (1:02)

Charles Levingston, EVP & CFO of Eagle Bank

Former bank examiner for the Federal Reserve conveys his IntraFi experiences with respect to due diligence processes and regulatory compliance. (:56)

John Milleson, President & CEO of Bank of Clarke County

Discover how IntraFi services have helped his bank reach growth objectives. (:54)

Jim McCarty, CAO of Bank of Clarke County

Sharing his network experiences with respect to growth and collateral reduction. (:41)

Brian Argrett, President & CEO of City First Bank of D.C.

Explaining what he sees as one of the most powerful aspects of the IntraFi relationship—the ability to attract more depositors who believe what his bank believes, uniting deposit growth and social investment. (1:21)

Read what the media says.

We’re in the news – from The Motley Fool to American Banker, and more.


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And, our employees have voted us a best place to work for five years running.



IntraFi by the numbers.

  • #1 provider of FDIC-insured deposit sweep services
  • Chosen by 3,000 U.S. financial institutions
  • More than 50% of banks currently in the U.S.
  • More than 80% of banks over $1 billion dollars in assets
  • 96% are community banks
  • 72% of all CDFI-certified banks are members of IntraFi’s network
  • 66% of all minority depository institutions are members of IntraFi’s network
  • Nearly $4 billion in socially responsible investments placed in 2019


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Corporate Narrative


A singular approach to serving the banking industry. 

Read about the company’s long-standing commitment to banks, the advantages it can offer, and its uniqueness.


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