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Network Members Portal.

The Portal has moved. Are you all Set?

Please log in to to verify that you can access the new web address. If you cannot access it, your IT department will need to place on its approved list of domains to avoid a service interruption. In addition, if you use bookmarks or shortcuts from an intranet, update these to the new web address. Please contact Client Services with any questions at (866) 776-6426 or

Log in to the Transaction and Reporting Portal and the IntraFi Sweep Dashboard below.

Same great products. Only the names have changed. Learn more.

The Marketing Resource Center 

Marketing IntraFi’s products is easy! Network member banks can log in and browse and discover turnkey materials that will help their banks market ICS® and CDARS® to customers. All materials are available for free download and can be customized with a bank logo and contact information during checkout.


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