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IntraFi® One-Way Sell® Rates

If you anticipate placing CDARS® One-Way Sell orders this week, we encourage you to place and approve your orders as early as possible. There is a limit to the total amount of orders that IntraFi may accept in any product term. One-Way Sell Rates and up-to-the-minute remaining availability can be accessed on the Main Menu of the secure portion of the Transaction & Reporting Portal in the “This Week's One-Way Sell Activity” section.

Please contact the Treasury Desk at (866) 776-6426 (option 1, then 3) or at if you have any questions.

ICS One-Way Sell Rates Effective Date:

CDARS One-Way Sell Rates Effective Date:

For more information, email your Treasury Desk Manager at or call (866) 776-6426 (option 3).

* You can visit the rate page on our new website at If you have difficulty accessing the site, please have it placed on an approved list (formerly called a whitelist) with your security or IT department. You may access the old rates page here. Please contact Client Services with any questions. (866) 776-6426 or

Treasury Rates are Constant Maturity Yields as reported by the U.S. Treasury. One-Way Sell Rates and One-Way Sell APYs are subject to change prior to the Order Date. One-Way Sell APYs are calculated using a 365-day accrual basis and daily compounding of interest. The APYs assume amounts remain on deposit until maturity. Selection of other available payment options may result in different amounts earned and different APYs. Deposited funds are the sole obligation of the Issuing Institution. IntraFi Network is not the custodian of any deposited funds and is not responsible for any insured or uninsured portion of any CD issued through IntraFi Network Deposits. IntraFi Network reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to decline to process orders. This information is intended solely for use by Participating Institutions and may not be distributed without permission. Use of the IntraFi Network Deposits service is subject to the terms and conditions of the agreements, including the IntraFi Participating Institution Agreement and the Deposit Placement Agreement. IntraFi, CDARS, ICS and One-Way Sell are registered service marks, and IntraFi Network and IntraFi Network Deposits are service marks, of IntraFi Network LLC.