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Diversify funding.

The size and scale your bank requires.

IntraFi® is a leading source of overnight and term funding options and has the scale to be a strategic partner for even the largest bank’s funding and capital management needs. We offer on/off-balance-sheet flexibility, higher capacity, and greater stability and reliability compared to other funding providers.  

Funding comes from banks and brokerage firms that are members of IntraFi’s network of financial institutions—the largest network of its kind, with large brokerage firms and thousands of banks and a reach that extends to every state. With its size and scale, IntraFi’s network of financial institutions equips IntraFi to deliver funding solutions for large institutions. Hundreds of billions in funding are available.

IntraFi's Wholesale Funding Sources

As of June 30, 2020.

Wholesale funding with core-like stability.

IntraFi’s wholesale funding is sourced from a wide array of relationship deposits, including retail investors, as well as businesses, public entities, nonprofits, foundations, and more.

The diversity of deposit funding from bank and brokerage customers, placed into MMDAs, DDAs, and CDs, can help your bank weather market stresses, such as industry-specific events, interest rate changes, equity market movements, and credit environment fluctuations.

Funding solutions from IntraFi compare favorably to other solutions.

Funding solutions from IntraFi compare favorably to FHLB advances, brokered CDs, correspondent bank lines of credit, subordinated debt, and Fed Fund Purchased. It offers fixed- or floating-rate pricing, overnight or term options, or millions or billions of dollars. In addition, IntraFi Funding can offer particularly attractive pricing for large funding needs. Unlike funding from other sources, IntraFi's funding solutions:

  • Count as deposits, not borrowings
  • Are available with no credit lines, ongoing collateralization, or stock purchase requirements
  • Provide unmatched scale, speed, and availability over a desired term




A high degree of flexibility to meet customer and balance sheet demands.

Banks use IntraFi’s all-weather portfolio of options to fund cash flow swaps and large portfolios of amortizing loans; replace seasonal deposits; manage interest rate risk using long-term, fixed-rate funding; and more.

With its short- and long-term funding availability, multiple billions of dollars of capacity, ability to link to any index, and flexible terms, IntraFi Funding can help your bank meet its customer and balance sheet demands throughout the business cycle.


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