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Promontory Interfinancial Network is now IntraFi Network. New name, same great company.

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Our capabilities for brokerage firms.

Control fee revenue, attract high-value clients, fund an affiliated bank, and offer brokered CD customers more.

IntraFi Network is the #1 insured deposit sweep provider and the company behind market-leading products. Our value-added structuring advice and experience help brokerage firms to design sweep programs with superior economics and resilience in a range of market environments, as well as quickly deliver additional cash management offerings to their clients.

Control fee revenue.

Boost your firm’s bottom line and gain greater flexibility.

Your brokerage firm can realize cost savings when it replaces more cumbersome and expensive services with IntraFi Network offerings by enjoying better control over pricing and margins. Because we have built the largest network of its kind, we can offer banks access to tens of billions of dollars in deposits, distributed through a dozen sweep programs or more, ensuring they obtain the highly diversified funding they seek and eliciting a premium price. This increases the returns to our brokerage firm customers versus what they can achieve on their own or from other solutions.   

Attract high-value clients.

Offer clients options that help balance safety, returns, and liquidity.

In addition to using IntraFi’s solutions to satisfy your clients’ demand for a safe, high-capacity deposit sweep option, your brokerage firm can grow client relationships by offering access to FDIC insurance above $250,000 for funds placed into demand deposit accounts, money market deposit accounts, and CDs.

By making expanded cash management options available to its clients, your brokerage firm can:

  • Increase market share by encouraging existing safety-conscious customers to consolidate their investments, thereby deepening relationships
  • Provide alternatives to money market mutual funds; with IntraFi Network Deposits DDA, MMDA, and CD offerings, there are no floating net asset values, liquidity fees, or MMMF redemption gates, and your brokerage firm can control its rates and revenue
  • Spend less on client acquisition and retention; IntraFi products can attract multi-million-dollar investments, and the cost-per-investment-dollar generated tends to fall when each client invests larger amounts with your firm

Fund an affiliated bank.

If applicable, provide your firm’s affiliated bank with lower-cost funding and potentially help it lower its liquidity requirements.

Using IntraFi’s reciprocal sweep offering, available for brokerage firms with an affiliated bank:

  • A brokerage firm can offer customers access to enhanced FDIC insurance on their sweep balances
  • Funds are broken down into smaller increments and placed with other banks so that customers can access FDIC protection from multiple institutions while maintaining a relationship with just one–the firm they already know and trust
  • The firm’s affiliated bank can receive reciprocal funding equal to the amount swept to third-party banks and at a net cost equal to the rate paid to brokerage firm customers
  • Deposits received using the reciprocal sweep option are eligible for a more favorable outflow rate than uninsured sweep deposits under the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) rule
  • Limits extend into the tens of billions per firm

Augment your brokered CD offering. 

Fulfill seven-, eight-, and even nine-figure orders with a single click.

IntraFi Network enables brokerage firms to provide a unique, streamlined approach to placing customer funds in CDs. With its IntraFi Network Deposits CD offering, your brokerage firm can offer its clients access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance. 

When your firm chooses this option, it can:

  • Attract large CD investments from safety-conscious customers, including businesses, nonprofits, trusts, public entities, and retail customers
  • Earn fee income
  • Control margins and earn higher commissions in total than with traditional brokered CDs or Treasuries
  • Place an order more quickly and easily than with traditional brokered CDs—through one phone call or a single ticket
  • Retain assets—deposits placed through IntraFi Network Deposits CD offering reinvest at a rate of approximately 80%

Contact the IntraFi Network team to learn more about how to easily begin offering these tested, trusted products to your clients.


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