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IntraFi® Network DepositsSM for brokerage firms.

IND®, IND Reciprocal, ICS® One-Way Sell®, ICS® Reciprocal, CDARS® One-Way Sell®, CDARS® Reciprocal are now IntraFi Network Deposits.

The #1 provider of FDIC-insured deposit solutions, IntraFi offers the largest insured deposit capacities, with the greatest reliability, and provides tested, trusted products centered on technology. Its cornerstone product, IntraFi Network Deposits, provides brokerage firms with a variety of options to better serve client needs. IntraFi leads the industry in FDIC-insured deposit placement services, and your firm can save time and resources by leveraging the deep expertise of IntraFi’s staff to implement sweep and cash management programs successfully.

The diversification and size of our network of financial institutions can enable your brokerage firm to offer a deposit sweep program that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional sweep providers and to do so in a manner that permits your firm to control margins and adhere to strict regulatory procedures. In addition to using the deposit sweep option, your brokerage firm can grow its assets under management with FDIC-insured deposit account products that generate fee income and keep clients’ cash balances safe. If your brokerage firm has an affiliated bank, IntraFi Network Deposits reciprocal offerings can provide low-cost bank funding and potentially help to lower the affiliated bank’s liquidity requirements.

IntraFi Network Deposits sweep (formerly IND).

Using IntraFi Network Deposits sweep, your brokerage firm can provide its clients with a superior investment alternative—access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance via a multibank deposit sweep product. Sized for millions of accounts and transactions and used by brokerage firms to attract and place billions of dollars with banks, the IntraFi Network Deposits sweep leverages patented technology and is known as a “buttoned-up,” full-service offering.

IntraFi’s financial network — the largest of its kind — connects nearly 3,000 financial institutions. Our size works to your advantage. Our network includes virtually all of the nation’s largest banks, offering each access to tens of billions of dollars in deposits, distributed through dozens of sweep programs or more, and ensuring that each obtains the highly diversified funding it seeks. The diversification and size of our network provides our member banks with one-stop shopping for which they are willing to pay a premium. This, in turn, increases the returns that your brokerage firm can keep or pass along to its customers versus other solutions.

With IntraFi Network Deposits sweep, your firm can

  • Significantly increase profit margins over those earned from short-term investment accounts, like money market mutual funds
  • Control the margin earned from the service
  • Tier the rate offered to various customer segments, if desired
  • Fund affiliate banks, if desired or applicable — and switch back and forth between placing funds with affiliated and unaffiliated banks based on the affiliated bank's liquidity needs

How the IntraFi Network Deposits sweep works — a customized approach.

When your brokerage firm chooses the deposit sweep, the IntraFi team works closely with your firm to create a customized multibank program, sized to meet your brokerage firm’s needs with the ability to expand over time.

Enjoy a streamlined implementation process and ongoing support.

With IntraFi Network Deposits sweep, system-side implementation is possible in as little as 90 days, thanks to detailed project plans and proactive management of the process during all phases of implementation. Your firm has ongoing access to a dedicated IntraFi support team — a team known for its technological expertise and high-touch customer service.

IntraFi Network Deposits DDA, MMDA (formerly ICS) and CD (formerly CDARS) offerings — stand out with expanded cash management options.

With IntraFi Network Deposits DDA, MMDA, and CD offerings, you can offer clients access to higher levels of FDIC coverage–into nine-figures. IntraFi Network Deposits can help you win clients’ wallet share from outside savings, investment accounts, and CDs, including those held in online banks. Your firm can control its margin and possibly earn higher commissions versus comparable investments. Brokerage firm clients are quick to appreciate the security offered by more FDIC insurance coverage and the opportunity to earn favorable returns with a risk profile comparable to Treasuries or money market mutual funds.

How the IntraFi Network Deposits DDA, MMDA, and CD solutions work — a straightforward, streamlined experience for your clients.

When a client submits a large deposit to a brokerage firm for placement in DDAs, MMDAs, or CDs, your institution places the funds into deposit accounts at FDIC-insured banks that are members of the IntraFi’s network of financial institutions. The client’s large deposit is broken down into smaller increments and placed with banks in IntraFi’s network so that the client can access FDIC protection from multiple institutions while maintaining a relationship with just onethe brokerage firm they already know and trust.

Your brokerage firm can use IntraFi’s One WaySM and receive fee income from the network banks that receive its deposits. Using One Way, your brokerage firm keeps the difference between IntraFi Network’s One-Way Sell® rate and the rate it has agreed to pay its customers. Your firm receives the net present value of the rate difference up front for funds placed in CDs and on a weekly basis for funds placed in MMDAs and DDAs. One-Way Sell rates are all-in rates; there are no transaction fees.

If your brokerage firm has an affiliated bank, instead of placing all customer funds with unaffiliated banks for fee income, your firm may forego earning fee income, in part or in whole, and place deposits with its affiliated bank. The affiliated bank can then use IntraFi Network Deposits reciprocal option to grow its balance sheet by exchanging funds on a dollar-for-dollar basis with other IntraFi network banks.

Additional benefits of IntraFi Network Deposits DDA,
MMDA, and CD solutions.

IntraFi Network Deposits DDA/MMDA offering

  • A “position-traded” product, it naturally minimizes cannibalization of brokerage sweep balances
  • Integration is available with many back-office systems
  • Offers time-saving features, such as a nontransactional online tool for customers that tracks balances and more

IntraFi Network Deposits CD offering

  • Offers six maturities to choose from, and clients also have the ability to ladder CDs
  • Has large order capability with just one ticket
  • Has a finite maturity; there is no auction process and no callable date
  • Your brokerage firm sets the rates and sells just the funding, not the underlying relationship
  • Your brokerage firm clients receive only one monthly statement for the IntraFi Network Deposit DDA/MMDA offering and one statement for the CD offering

Explore the IntraFi Network Deposits DDA, MMDA,
and CD Offerings Today.


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Use of IntraFi Network Deposits and IntraFi Funding is subject to the terms, conditions, and disclosures in the program agreements, including the IntraFi Participating Institution Agreement. Limits apply and customer eligibility criteria may apply. A list identifying IntraFi Network insured depository institutions at which funds may be placed through IntraFi Network Deposits may be found at As provided in the applicable Deposit Placement Agreement, the depositor may exclude particular insured depository institutions from eligibility to receive the depositor’s funds.