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Promontory Interfinancial Network is now IntraFi Network. New name, same great company.

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Invented by IntraFiSM. Powered by the network.

IntraFi’s patented product portfolio helps organizations keep customer money secure, manage cash balances, and increase profitability in ways that are too difficult or too costly for any to achieve on its own.

IntraFi Funding

(includes services formerly known as ICS® One-Way Buy®, CDARS® One-Way Buy®, IND®, and Insured Overnight Funding®)

IntraFi FundingSM enables banks of all sizes to purchase cost-effective, wholesale or retail funding – deposits, not borrowings – all without the hassle of credit lines, collateralization, or stock purchases. Through IntraFi Funding, your bank can tap a diverse set of funding sources at a broad range of funding terms.

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IntraFi Network Deposits

(includes services formerly known as ICS Reciprocal, ICS® One-Way Sell®, CDARS Reciprocal, CDARS® One-Way Sell®, IND®, and IND Reciprocal)

IntraFiSM Network DepositsSM gives your institution the confidence that comes with category leadership. Whether your institution wants to attract more large-dollar relationships, improve its Liquidity Coverage Ratio, grow core deposits, sell deposits for fee income, or reduce collateralization, IntraFi Network Deposits can help grow your institution’s bottom line.

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IntraFi Repo

(formerly known as Promnet Repo®)

IntraFi RepoSM helps banks, brokerage firms, and other financial institutions build and protect lucrative relationships by offering institutional customers daily liquidity, the opportunity to earn a return, and the safety of having their funds backed by U.S. Treasuries or by Agency MBS.

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IntraFi Yankee Sweep

(formerly known as Yankee Sweep®)

IntraFiSM Yankee Sweep® helps foreign banks with U.S. branches attract large deposits from sophisticated investors who are looking to balance competing demands for returns, risk management, and liquidity

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IntraFi Assetpoint

(formerly known as Bank Assetpoint®)

IntraFiSM Assetpoint® enables banks to supplement organic loan growth by acquiring assets in target geographic locations and industry segments, to buy and sell a variety of loan types, to discreetly market a loan asset for portfolio management or diversification purposes, and more.

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What bank leaders say.

[IntraFi Network Deposits] is a relationship-driven service that opens up the door where you’ve never gone before. Period.

Francis Hornung

Vice President and Sales Manager, Five Star Bank, NY

Our public funds customers appreciate knowing that when they place their funds through IntraFi Network Deposits, those funds are eligible for FDIC protection beyond $250,000 and earn interest. That benefits them, as well as local taxpayers, as our bank can make those funds available for investment.

Mario Martinez

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Catskill Hudson Bank, NY

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We’re an ICBA Preferred Service Provider.