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Promontory Interfinancial Network is now IntraFi Network. New name, same great company.

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CDARS® and ICS® have been renamed.

CDARS and ICS deposit products are now called IntraFi® Network DepositsSM and CDARS and ICS funding solutions are IntraFi FundingSM

Same great products, new names.

We will still offer our full range of wholesale funding solutions. However, products you knew as CDARS® One-Way Buy®, ICS® One-Way Buy®, Insured Overnight Funding®, and IND® are mpw called IntraFi FundingSM. All you need to know now is that, no matter what your funding needs are, we can help. Just tell us a desired amount, whether you need a fixed or floating rate, the length of the term, etc.

Similarly, ICS Reciprocal, ICS® One-Way Sell®, CDARS Reciprocal, CDARS® One-Way Sell®, IND Reciprocal, and IND are now called IntraFi® Network DepositsSM. There's no need to remember the names, just that that we have a range of deposit solutions — options in which funds are placed into DDAs, MMDAs, and CDs, as well as sweeps — to help your institution manage its balance sheet and provide its customers with access to FDIC insurance.

And, we’re simplifying our other product names too.

Promnet Repo® is now called IntraFi Repo®, Yankee Sweep® is  IntraFi® Yankee Sweep®, and Bank Assetpoint® is  IntraFi® Assetpoint®.

All products are anchored under our new corporate brand IntraFi  NetworkSM, (formerly Promontory Interfinancial Network).

Since our inception in 2002, we’ve grown to become the #1 provider of deposit services to U.S. financial institutions, a leading provider of overnight and term funding solutions, and a recognized fintech, not to mention one of the nation’s best places to work.

While our commitment to the industry remains unchanged, we’ve come a long way since CDARS® was launched with 12 banks nearly two decades ago. For starters, we’ve outgrown our office space — many times over. And we’ve added many new products, including category leaders like Insured Cash Sweep® and IND®.

During this time, we’ve heard our 11-syllable name mispronounced in just about every way possible, typed all 31 characters in the name countless times, and even been confused with other companies that bear similar names, a number of which also operate in the financial services space. And so, we have decided to simplify.

Going forward, our new name will be IntraFi Network.

Why this name and logo?

We chose IntraFi Network because it reflects what we do (simultaneously communicating that we work within finance and within a financial institution) and emphasizes our most differentiating characteristic: the network — a network that brings scale, giving each participant access to tens of billions of dollars in funding, the highest per-depositor and per-bank capacity, and the peace of mind of being able to make large-dollar placements every business day.

Our logo is inspired by the core principles of collaboration, connection, and innovation, with the tri-colored hexagon graphic representing a network that is strong and with pieces that aren’t just connected, but that work together. Taken as a whole, the hexagon graphic reflects the relationship we share with our customers and that our customers share with us and each other — The Power of ManySM, working together.

Our commitment to you.

Of course, our commitment to you will not change. Our people won’t change, either. You will continue to receive the same best-in-class service. The same knowledgeable Sales and Treasury Desk professionals will be here to help. You will also have the same client-services contacts and support you have come to know and love.

We will still be the same leading provider of overnight- and term-funding options with better on/off-balance-sheet flexibility, higher capacity, and the stability and reliability that you have come to depend on.

These changes will have no impact on our shipping and billing addresses or tax identification.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let us know. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss any of these changes.


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