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Winning the Battle for Deposits

With interest rates continuing to rise and deposit competition becoming even more fierce as banks of all sizes angle for a larger piece of the pie, many banks need to rethink their customer acquisition strategy and their approach to funding. Opportunities abound for community banks that shift their liability mix to play to their competitive strengths.

In this webinar, four industry experts shared their thoughts on successful strategies and new deposit-gathering opportunities on the horizon. They highlighted key (but perhaps lesser-known) provisions in the pending regulatory relief bill, that, if approved by the House and signed by President Trump, would change the desired balance sheet composition for banks across the nation and provide significant opportunities to win the entire share of wallet of many corporate, nonprofit, and governmental depositors.

About the Presenters

Hosted by Mika Moser, Bank Director
Moderated by Jack Milligan, Editor-in-Chief at Bank Director

Scott Hildenbrand
Principal and Chief Balance Sheet Strategist
Sandler O'Neil + Partners

Matt Pieniazek
Darling Consulting

Steve Kinner
Senior Managing Director
IntraFi Network

Dave Koch
President & CEO
FARIN Financial Risk Management

Table of Contents

Introduction ... 00:00

Agenda ... 1:40

Deposit Competition is Starting to Ramp Up (Steve Kinner) ... 3:00

How to Manage Funding Pressure (Scott Hildenbrand) ... 5:30

How do you Define "Winning"? (Matt Pieniazek) ... 9:35

Every Battle Needs a Plan (Dave Koch) ... 15:55

Battle Strategy vs. Tactics ... 19:04

Moderation of Discussion ... 23:15

  • Interest Rates ... 23:38

  • Regulatory Relief ... 27:10

  • Funding Costs ... 30:11

  • Technology Advantage ... 38:40

  • Tax Reform ... 42:25

  • Prepared for Rising Rates? ... 44:10

Questions ... 48:48