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Strategies for dealing with the media - getting your good news out there.

Barb Rehm, Senior Managing Director at IntraFi Network, and Rob Blackwell, American Banker’s Editor-in-Chief, shared advice and strategies for dealing with the media, including ways to increase the odds of getting your local paper to write positive stories about your bank. Rob and Barb discussed how to develop strong working relationships with reporters, common mistakes that are made, and how and when to leverage PR firms.

The second half of the webinar recording is not posted due to technical difficulties with the sound. We apologize for any inconvenience.

About the Speakers

Barb Rehm
Senior Managing Director
IntraFi Network

Rob Blackwell
American Banker

Table of Contents

Introduction … 00:00

Tips for Dealing with Reporters … 1:20

Tips for Dealing with Negative News … 5:05

Getting Coverage for Good Stories … 12:07

More about American Banker … 14:55