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Exclusive webinar with S&P Global’s banking gurus.

Jimmy Pittenger, senior director of U.S. financial institutions, and Nathan Stovall, senior research analyst, for S&P Global Market Intelligence discussed how the business of banking is changing and what to expect as the year unfolds. Between them, they have more than 30 years of experience in banking; Mr. Pittenger worked in various capacities at two different regional banks, and Mr. Stovall writes the Street Talk blog. This was an expansive look at broad issues, like credit quality and consolidation, as well as some deep dives into specific issues, like CECL.

About the Speakers

Jimmy Pittenger
Senior Director of U.S. Financial Institutions, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Nathan Stovall
Principal Analyst, FIG Research, S&P Global Market Intelligence


Barb Rehm
Senior Managing Director, IntraFi Network

Table of Contents

Introduction … 00:00

Monthly Comparison of Bank Capital Rises ... 1:30

Negative Ratings Bias Surges in Many Sectors in Q1 ... 15:14

Top Five Industries Impacted by COVID-19 ... 20:56

Loan Deferrals Could Put More Capital at Risk ... 22:40

Measuring Reserves Against Potential Losses on COVID-19 Deferrals ... 25:36

Paycheck Protection Program Offers a Big Boost for Some Small Banks ... 29:20

As Coronavirus Jumpstarts Digital Adoption, What Happens to the Branch? ... 34:15

Reserves Jump in Q1'20, Further Increases Expected ... 42:00

Banks Want to Remain Liquid ... 46:20

Only Six Bank Deals Announced in June 2020 ... 54:00