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Deposit strategies that increase franchise value.

There is no one-size-fits-all deposit strategy. Every bank is unique and merits a deposit and funding strategy that meets its specific needs. In this increasingly competitive environment, banks need to establish a framework that balances the seemingly conflicting need to have both an offensive and defensive deposit strategy.

In this session, hosted by Bank Director and IntraFi Network, industry experts Dave Koch, President and CEO of Farin Financial Risk Management, and Matt Pieniazek, President of Darling Consulting Group, will discuss a data-driven, analytical approach to ensure that your bank is tailoring a deposit and funding strategy that best fits its individual needs. You’ll hear how many banks frequently respond to competitive pressures with tactics that fail to establish the important ground rules for institution-specific strategy. This often results in deposit activities that fall short of intended objectives.

The formula for success is buried in the data…data about your business strategy, risk profile, and customer base. At the end of this session, you will better understand how to best leverage your data to create a deposit strategy that is unique to your bank and thus, provides the best chance for success. In addition, the session will also explore examples of current deposit strategies being seen in the market today.

About the Presenters

Hosted by Mika Moser, Bank Director
Moderated by Jack Milligan, Editor-in-Chief at Bank Director
Steve Kinner, Senior Managing Director, IntraFi Network
Steve Kinner, President, Darling Consulting
Dave Koch, President & CEO, FARIN Financial Risk Management