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Exploring Your Wholesale Funding Capabilities through IntraFi 

Diversified sources of funding ensure you have access to deposit funding when you need it. IntraFi is one of the largest providers of wholesale funding solutions. With funding solutions from IntraFi, your bank can access up to $2 billion in a day and tens of billions over time. Attend a dynamic webinar that will highlight why IntraFi Funding should be a mainstay in your wholesale funding toolbox.

In the webinar we'll cover:

  • setting up your bank for funding success,
  • securing overnight and term-deposit funding,
  • utilizing automated reports, and
  • exploring best practices from other member banks.

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How to Manage CDARS & ICS Operations 

In this session, participants are guided through an operational summary of CDARS and ICS, or the Insured Cash Sweep service. Topics covered include how CDARS and ICS work, the customer experience, an overview of the Transaction & Reporting Portal and its entitlements, and time-saving features.

Driving Success with ICS & CDARS 

So your bank is ready to go to market with CDARS and ICS. Now what? At IntraFi, we have worked with thousands of banks that use ICS and CDARS to offer customers access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance; to attract high-dollar, relationship-based deposits; and to grow profitability. Based on more than 15 years of listening to banker experiences, we have created a new resource for IntraFi members, like your bank, designed to illustrate the most successful practices of banks that use these services. This webinar will cover strategies used by banks to maximize adoption of the services, as well as the materials and resources available to your bank to do so. 

Opportunities for Your Bank in Today’s Economic Environment

Perhaps surprisingly, these unprecedented times offer a unique opportunity for your bank to bolster customer confidence and strengthen relationships while at the same time enhancing its brand and growing franchise value. Reserve your seat in an upcoming webinar to discover how your bank can  
  • Help customers defend against uncertainty now and build loyal relationships
  • Grow core deposits
  • Replace collateralized deposits
  • Diversify wholesale funding choices
Brought to you by IntraFi, a company chosen by ~3,000 financial institutions, this webinar is for banks of all sizes and may be of special interest for community banks that currently use collateralized deposits or listing services. The webinar is also recommended as a refresher for banks that already offer the company’s services.  

Explaining ICS and CDARS 

Need help explaining why ICS and CDARS are the right solutions for your customer’s needs and how the service works? IntraFi  offers this free webinar to explore how your institution can offer customers access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance in demand deposit accounts, money market deposit accounts, or certificates of deposit.

We also help you explain the sign-up process, customer experience, and available tools and resources. Additionally, you will learn how your bank can easily market ICS and CDARS and what support IntraFi provides to your institution.

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Paperwork Overview for Banks - ICS and CDARS

In this session, participants are guided through the paperwork required to open an ICS or CDARS account. Topics covered include the Deposit Placement Agreement and Custodial Agreement, as well as account-maintenance documents and statements. Additionally, you will learn about items specific to ICS (e.g., Account Setup Form and Customer Transaction Request Form) and CDARS (e.g., CD Order Placement Form, Maturity Notice, and Resubmission Agreements).