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Testimonials about IntraFi.

[IntraFi] has been a big partner with us in order to fund growth.

John Milleson

President/CEO, Bank of Clarke County

[IntraFi] has provided, if you will, a wonderful tool for us to fund the expansion of the bank. As we grow the scale of the bank, what we do is grow our capability, our capacity, to be able to lend back into the community. And that’s what it’s really all about, so that we can lend back into the community and really make a difference with these underlying businesses.

Brian Argrett

President & CEO, City First Bank of D.C.

[IntraFi] gives us a lot of advantages that some of the largest institutions may have today so that we can provide some of our more sophisticated borrowers with the products and services that they really want.

Frank Sorrentino

Chairman and CEO, ConnectOne Bancor

Unlike its competitors, [IntraFi] doesn’t compete with us for our customers. We own our customer relationships. We set our rates. [IntraFi] crafts its services from a banker’s perspective. Head to toe, [IntraFi] is all about community banks. The company’s services level the playing field, helping us to better compete with much larger players.

Jim Di Misa

Former EVP and COO, Community Bank of the Chesapeake

Because we are a member of [IntraFi’s network of banks], we have an opportunity to generate fee income on deposits we are not using for lending when loan demand is slack.

Phil Guarnieri

CEO, Empire State Bank

Half of our members rely on [IntraFi’s] services to attract deposits so they can make loans supporting community development in some of the most underserved urban neighborhoods and rural communities in the country. On average, the community development banks attract reciprocal deposits at four times the level of other community banks. That translates into loans to small businesses, loans for mortgages and home improvement, loans for revitalization projects—loans that otherwise would not be made.

Jeannine Jacokes

Chief Executive and Senior Policy Advisor for Community Development Bankers Association

It’s fair to say that [IntraFi’s] deposit placement services provide a lifeline to minority-owned banks by enabling our members to attract large deposits from civic-minded and socially motivated investors and to put those deposits to work in communities we serve.

Michael Grant

Former President at National Bankers Association

It’s really important for us to have a stable, reliable, accessible, and nimble source of funding at a reasonable price, and that’s something that [IntraFi] provides for us.

Charles Levingston

Executive Vice President, CFO, Eagle Bank

[IntraFi] wants to serve us. It’s all about the relationship.

Ken Burgess

Chairman, First Capital Bank of TX

I'm on the board of directors of the American Bankers Association, and I also ran the Community Bank Council, which is the largest committee that the ABA has. The support and participation that the company has provided to the industry, not necessarily because it's the ABA, but to the industry as a whole—there are very few companies that, across the board, have a significant vested interest in the success of the banking industry, community banks in particular. And you know, that doesn't go unnoticed by a lot of us who have been doing this for a long time. So, as it pertains to that concept of partnership, I have felt that for a very long time. And it's readily apparent in in the involvement that the company has had with the industry for literally since its origin.

Howard Jaffe

Chairman & CEO, Inland Bancorp, Inc.

The services [IntraFi] provides give Main Street a fighting chance in competing for customers with nationwide and global financial institutions.

Dan Clancy

Former Executive Vice President, Services, Independent Community Bankers of America

With the help of [IntraFi] and access they provide to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance, we’ve been able to build loyal, large-dollar relationships.

Jim Langmead

EVP and Chief Financial Officer, EagleBank, MD

I would say [IntraFi] is a partner...we may not have some of the customer relationships that we have today, if we didn't have [IntraFi] services…


Director of Deposit Operations and Payment Systems

We have a partner in [IntraFi] that really is what we need. They’re very knowledgeable. When you look at the sales and service and back support that you receive, that tells me from stem to stern that they’re a wonderful, professional partner.

Jim Di Misa

Former EVP and COO, Community Bank of the Chesapeake

I can’t think of anyone else that does anything quite like this [offering services that let financial institutions purchase wholesale or retail funding, buy or sell excess deposits, and more]…. They are an enabler, not a disruptor.

Sam Kilmer

Senior Director and leader of the Fintech Advisory practice, Cornerstone Advisors

Best quality, in my eyes, is their responsiveness. Excellent customer service.


Customer support is awesome. They are knowledgeable and great communicators.


Great partners! Critical to achieving our on-balance-sheet deposit goals.


IntraFi is a different kind of fintech. IntraFi partners with banks and provides solutions for banks. In fact, it weaves the nation's banking industry together in order to provide increased deposit insurance coverage and this ability to gain wholesale deposits. And so [IntraFi is] certainly not a competitor with banks.

Peter Gwaltney

President & CEO, North Carolina Bankers Association

Outstanding record of being responsive and engaged.


The people are great! So patient and helpful.


The service is impeccable.


Response time and execution to needs exceeds expectations.


Delivers a great product with absolutely phenomenal client experience. A true partner.


There is a cyclical nature, obviously, about our industry that stems from varying economic conditions and really competitive trends that occur in our marketplace. So our goal is to create a tool box full of tools that we can utilize in any cycle to ensure balance sheet stability. That allows us to minimize the risk inherent in our balance sheet. If we are in a period of time where we are in a fight – a battle for deposits, we have a tool that we can utilize to allow us to be competitive at a level way beyond the size and scope of our balance sheet, yet still be protected. If we are flush with deposits, we have a tool for that as well.

Luanne Cundiff

President & CEO, First State Bank of St. Charles

The people I have worked with at [IntraFi] have been some of the most exceptional I have worked with over the years. These are people who are friendly and knowledgeable and share the same values as the organization I work for.


Great partners! Critical to achieving our on-balance-sheet deposit goals.


My experiences with [IntraFi] have always been top notch. From being in a fully integrated environment to moving to a bank and helping lead the integration project from start to finish, my interactions with the support and integration teams have always been exceptional.


IntraFi can be so helpful to banks in terms of their liability management. It can help them attract and maintain their deposits, typically from their local customers, and it can help them earn fee income in addition. I think one of the great things about it is [that] it helps community banks, particularly, compete with the largest banks for deposits and compete with money market mutual funds. And so this is something that's so important to community banks in terms of having the money they need to lend in their communities.

Ed Yingling

Former ABA CEO & President (and current IntraFi Network board member)

Have used since the beginning and never had any complaints. Easy to do business with.


I have seen nothing but forward thinking and innovation recently at [IntraFi], and I love it! There is beauty in simplicity, and [IntraFi] offers this along with bells and whistles when we need them.


I have worked with [IntraFi] since 2009, and I have been continually impressed by the way they continue to seek out innovation with not only the financial institutions in mind, but also the customer experience. Staff [is] typically top notch and extraordinarily responsive.


I have always had positive experiences with [IntraFi], regardless of the product or process. The systems are efficient and easy to use and integrate nicely with core systems. Everyone is knowledgeable.


Throughout my career, I've heard bankers tell stories of how they've used IntraFi to earn money on excess deposits. I've also heard them tell stories about how they've increased deposit insurance coverage for large deposits from customers who wanted increased coverage. I've also heard them talk about how they've used it for municipal deposits, instead of having to pledge securities as collateral, because it's simpler and less expensive. So there are so many solutions within one relationship that I've heard [and] nothing but good comments from the bankers I've worked with throughout my career.

Peter Gwaltney

President & CEO, North Carolina Bankers Association