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Testimonials from depositors.

[My boss] has an ‘on top of it’ philosophy. ICS gives us a single statement and we know we’re protected, and where the money has been transferred to. The service was made for someone like him.

Business Manager

Insurance Company

All the work is done on institution’s part and not ours [with ICS]. One less thing I have to do. It’s all under one roof but not under one roof. [My bank rep] was able to bring everything under one bank. So wonderful.


Healthcare Industry Vendor

An important motivator in our using a single bank is that the business is a cash business, and every day we must make trips to the bank, as the company collects money from customers on a daily basis. Many still pay in checks. Having one bank to work with [using ICS and CDARS] makes it much easier.


Wine and Spirit Importer

I have found participation in the CDARS [service] to be simple and a time saver. We earn very competitive interest rates on our investments while freeing up staff time. We were in the CDARS [service] during our last audit and passed with flying colors!

Christine J. Johnson

Treasurer, DeKalb County, DeKalb County, IL

I like that I can log in [to the ICS Depositor Control Panel] and see where funds are and can show a client to explain how more than $250K is insured. It’s nice to pull up a website and show them where their money is, even if in 25 different banks overnight.


Religious-Based Fund

I love it [ICS]. It tells me where our money is. We keep a minimum $150k in checking. After $200K, it moves the cash around seamlessly. I could not be happier with how the sweep works. Keeps us liquid and protected, and interest bearing, the best of both worlds. And the [ICS and CDARS] statements—reconciling is so easy QuickBooks syncs with our bank, so it shows up in QuickBooks and clearly shows interest earned and posts.

Accounting Manager

Prep School

I was looking for a flexible investment vehicle that I could use for a special need we had. With ICS and CDARS, I found safety, flexibility, and yield—all in one place!

Al Braithwaite

City Manager, Oldsmar, FL

I was looking for a flexible investment vehicle that I could use for a special need we had. With ICS and CDARS, I found safety, flexibility, and yield—all in one place! I’m comfortable we are protected [with ICS and CDARS]. The money was sitting in a non-interest account. Watching interest come in was lovely. And we need to have access to cash quickly. Some restricted, some operational, some for purchase of land we account for that separately in house but it’s all lumped into one account for interest purposes.

Operations Director

Land Conservancy

ICS came in and its been amazing. And we’re getting more money out of the sweep than money markets originally. Sweep makes so much sense. We cut checks once a week. We don't have to think about it [managing the process]. It has helped to solidify our relationship with our bank. Also I have been with lots of banks here [at my chosen local bank] I can get someone on the phone at any time. Don’t have to have to talk to 18 different people. I can get one person. And when I get someone on the phone, they're there.


Industrial Pump Distributor

Our school system has utilized the CDARS service for years and is very pleased about the addition of the ICS service. With CDARS, we have access to FDIC insurance on our funds that are invested for a longer timeframe while meeting our investment policy mandates and earning CD-level returns. With ICS, we can protect and invest our funds on a shorter-term basis while earning a return. CDARS and ICS combined provide us with an efficient cash management solution.

Doris Gasper

Business Manager at Beloit Schools District 273, Beloit KS

Upon joining the county treasurer’s office, I was intrigued to learn that a portion of the county’s funds were placed through CDARS. I quickly appreciated the security and ease of placing large deposits through a single bank while keeping the money FDIC insured, and have since added the ICS serivce as well. CDARS and ICS free up the capital of smaller banks to finance community growth while still allowing them to accept our larger deposits. We can support the prosperity of the community while investing the taxpayers’ money competitively and safety through a community bank. A winning combination.

Carla J. Manning

Payne County Treasurer, Stillwater, OK

We face the important, but cumbersome task of making certain that our deposits are eligible for protection. To do so, we required our bank to pledge millions of dollars of collateral. It was our responsibility to track the changing values of that collateral every day. Now, thanks to Capitol Bank, we discovered ICS. By placing our funds through ICS, our funds are eligible for FDIC protection beyond $250,000 and earn interest—both of which really benefit us and local taxpayers. The best part is that Capitol Bank can use our deposits to fund local lending and economic growth. And the recurring burden of tracking collateral values is gone. The service is truly a benefit for us.

Cindy Engelke

Finance Director, Verona, WI

We need things as simple as simple can be. That’s how we started with [ICS and CDARS]. Been with them since 2008.

Finance Manager

Large Trucking Company

We use [local bank] instead of a large bank because it is high touch and they have a presence here in [local city]. They are smaller, but [with ICS and CDARS] feel big.


Investment Advisory (Trust Accounts)

With ICS, our town can access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance protection, as well as earn interest. Plus, our bank can make these funds available for investment within the local community.

Stan Harmon

Finance Director, Bar Harbor, ME

[Our state] has 39 municipalities. So right now we have 18 general funds. We got our foot in the door with a lot of these municipalities with [IntraFi] and offering them you know, ICS where it was fully insured and giving them a decent rate. So again, we get our foot in the door and build up that relationship.


Cash Management Municipal Services, $5.6B in Assets

. . . You know, we've gotten a little bit more sophisticated since I've come. They used to make about 50 to 100 grand a year in interest. Last year, or this year ending June 30, we probably will make almost half a million [while protecting our investment with FDIC insurance].

Director of Finance

City of 26,000

The previous Treasurer kept all the money in local government pools, and then had pledged securities as collateral. All of the money was not local. They didn't have any local banks. So what I did when I came in as treasurer was analyze those accounts and move a large portion of our money to local community banks. [Our city] is the state capital, but it is a very small town so to speak. Now, having that money in municipal local banks was important for me because then the local banks can then lend that money out to local businesses. I worked for 25 years in banking and understand that concept, so it was important to me that the municipality helped support the local financial institutions. Without IntraFi that would not have been possible.

City Treasurer