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Promontory Interfinancial Network is now IntraFi Network. New name, same great company.

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Their testimonials.

IntraFi Network

Banker Perspectives: Competitive Advantage

Jill Castilla, CEO, Citizens Bank of Edmond

Banker Perspectives: Balance Sheet Stability Toolbox

Luanne Cundiff, President & CEO, First State Bank of St. Charles

Banker Perspectives: A Great Source for Wholesale Funding

Peter Gwaltney, President & CEO, NC Bankers Association

Banker Perspectives: Vested in the Success of the Banking Industry

Howard Jaffe, Chairman & CEO, Inland Bancorp, Inc.

Banker Perspectives: Liability Management

Ed Yingling, Former ABA CEO and President, IntraFi Network Board Member

Banker Perspectives: A Conversation Starter

Bryan Bruns, CEO, Lake Central Bank

Banker Perspectives: IntraFi Network Rebrand

Banker Perspectives: Working With IntraFi Network

Jim DiMisa, former EVP & COO of Community Bank of the Chesapeake

Learn about product diversification and the white glove treatment his bank receives. (1:02)

Brian Argrett, President & CEO of City First Bank of D.C.

Explaining what he sees as one of the most powerful aspects of the IntraFi relationship—the ability to attract more depositors who believe what his bank believes, uniting deposit growth and social investment. (1:21)

Charles Levingston, EVP & CFO of Eagle Bank

Former bank examiner for the Federal Reserve conveys his IntraFi experiences with respect to due diligence processes and regulatory compliance. (:56)

John Milleson, President & CEO of Bank of Clarke County

Discover how IntraFi services have helped his bank reach growth objectives. (:54)

IntraFi Network Deposits

[My boss] has an ‘on top of it’ philosophy. [IntraFi Network Deposits] gives us a single statement and we know we’re protected, and where the money has been transferred to. The service was made for someone like him.

Business Manager

Insurance Company

[Sec. 202 of S. 2155] is a step in the right direction. It makes it easier for community banks to accommodate large depositors.

Bert Ely

Principal, Ely & Company

[Section 202 of S. 2155] gives Empire State Bank a powerful new tool to compete with the largest institutions for the deposits generated by small professional offices. It provides a way for Empire State Bank to attract new, valuable customers—customers that not only have sizeable deposits, but who can act as a referral source to other customers for our lending and other services. It also gives the bank a tool for managing liquidity.

Phil Guarnieri

CEO, Empire State Bank

IntraFi Funding

It’s really important for us to have a stable, reliable, accessible, and nimble source of funding at a reasonable price, and that’s something that [IntraFi] provides for us.

Charles Levingston

Executive Vice President, CFO, Eagle Bank

We love that [IntraFi Network] gives us options. We can either attract deposits and sell the excess to other banks [with IntraFi Network Deposits] or purchase funding through [IntraFi Funding]. This is especially helpful in today’s regulatory environment.

Gray Flora

EVP/Investment Officer, BankFirst, MS

Peer Intelligence

Good information in the daily posts.

Peer Intelligence Participant

I enjoy peer information shared by other bankers associated with this group. Interesting and relevant articles are provided by [IntraFi].

Dawne Stafford

President and CFO, Security Bank

I have enjoyed seeing the different ideas and responses that different people have on issues.

Peer Intelligence Participant

Reciprocal Deposits

[IntraFi Network Deposits] is the perfect match for us and our public fund customers. It can eliminate the need for deposit collateralization, which frees up our time, frees up their time, and reduces everyone’s administrative tracking costs. It also allows our previously restricted funds to work harder and for their funds to be channeled back into the local community. We all win.

Russell L. Reinert

Chief Financial Officer, Central Bank and Trust Co., KS

Reciprocal deposits are an important piece of our expansion strategy, and I can someday see us bumping the limit of the lesser of $5 billion or 20% of total liabilities, in part because they are a great tool for attracting municipal funds.

Thomas E. Bates, Jr.

President and CEO, Legends Bank

Our public funds customers appreciate knowing that when they place their funds through [IntraFi Network Deposits], those funds are eligible for FDIC protection beyond $250,000 and earn interest. That benefits them, as well as local taxpayers, as our bank can make those funds available for investment within the community.

Mario Martinez

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Catskill Hudson Bank, NY