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H. D. Barkett

Senior Managing Director, Treasury Desk

H.D. Barkett is Senior Managing Director, Treasury Desk at IntraFi. Mr. Barkett has been involved in banking and financial services for the last twenty-five years, working with financial institutions on issues involving asset/liability management, liquidity management, risk assessment and management, and portfolio hedging. Formerly, he served five years as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Director of New Initiatives with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines. Prior to that, Mr. Barkett was Vice President of institutional fixed income sales with both Shay Financial Services and Paine Webber. For twelve years, Mr. Barkett held various management positions at Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas in its Investments Group, Financial Strategies Group, and Sales and Marketing Department. Mr. Barkett joined IntraFi in 2002.